Monday, March 24, 2003

who now holds the title of most people coming to a show in the burnside players history? oh, that would be us.

on saturday night, we had to squeeze people in, put them upstairs tolook over the balcony, shove extra chairs in where we could and we even had people coming in at interval and paying full price to watch the show. i think there ended up being about 150 people there, and they laughed and we had hecklers and everything. when i have to poke rohan with the stick, some lady goes, 'get him!' and then i poked him and she said, 'hit him harder!'.

the cast party was heaps of fun. i am no longer a shottie virgin. louise was bartender, and made us quick fucks, cowboy cocksuckers, ( i can no see my site coming a lot higher up on the list when people search for porn) traffic lights, nutty irishmen and banana splits. i'd have to say that cowboys are my favourite. yay, cant wait till next saturday night :) matt will be able to come this time, so that should be good.

i called up about another audition, for emma. its with therry dramatic society who i did picnic at hanging rick with. when i called up, the lady, julia whittle, remembered me from then. that was almost 10 years ago. im hoping that means i have some extra points on my side. they apparently want to do it with ful on costumes too, i cant wait. louise said that they're looking for people who fit the parts with looks equally as people who are good actors. so i'll have to remember to stand up straight and act proper while im there.

i was also asked to audition for the killing of sister george. i have no idea what thats about, so i'm going to look it up now, but i think id prefer to be in emma...not sure...maybe i'll audition for both and see what happens.

and for those who are in the area and would like to come along and see a midsummer nights dream....

burnside ballroom, corner of greenhill and portrush roads
march 26, 27, 28, 29 at 8 pm and 2pm on the 29th as well

book at bass

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