Monday, March 24, 2003

michael moore is my hero

i was flipping channels between law and order, ( i didnt see the whole thing cos i was putting eli to bed), the chat room, (cos there was some talk of the whitlams being on was a lie), SBS, (cos there's no clock in the lounge and i didnt want to miss queer as folk, and the oscars. i happened to be watching while they announced the winner of best documentary.

and the winner is...michael moore, bowling for columbine

standing ovation, looks of, 'isnt he lovely and amazing' from various people

michael says thanks and then proceeds to tell george dubya that no one wants a war and then he gets booed. BOOED! and then, they started playing music over the top of him.

and then the funniest part, when barbara striesand stood up and said some bullshit about how she loves america because it lets people sing and say what they want without predujice....i think you need to cast your mind back about 5 minutes, barb. america, or at least the majority of america that was sitting in front of you, think that it's fine to sing and say what you want without predujice unless you're michael moore

i'll be looking for his speech, i'll put it up here if i can find it

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