Thursday, March 24, 2011

today there were tears

and there were tears yesterday

i think i might have to take steps to...... do something about this problem

this pokemon problem

yesterday, after hours of playing, the game was switched of... WITHOUT SAVING! this is devastating news. at least, it was to one small boy who curled up in a ball and cried and cried. do you understand how hard that was? all that work, and now, back to snorelax?? can we please not talk about it?

so we didnt talk about it, i just rubbed his back and tried to ease his fists open and calm him down. eventually his body started to sink further into the couch. he was letting it go. his hands unclenched and his face relaxed, he hugged me and he stomped off to bed.

but today. my goodness.

there was a trade happening. something im not keen on, because i dont know enough about pokemon to know if everyone is getting a fair deal, but i understand its part of the game. also, e has been playing for long enough now that he should have some idea of what's going on. hes also pretty suspicious of x, so i dont think he'd let anything get past him.


something happened

the game blacked out and we lost lugia

through the tears and the face buried into the pillows, i made out 'he was a legendary!!!!'

this is apparently very important

x felt so bad that he ran off down the road and sat on the footpath on the corner, something i remember doing myself... odd how these things are passed on. e cried and cried, balling himself up in my lap and sobbing. i called x home and he was crying too. each time he calmed himself down, he'd start up again and tears would roll out of his eyes. i suggested he come inside and have some quiet time.
'i dont deserve to come inside'
he's also banned himself from any computer games as a self punishment.
then he locked himself in the toy room. when i checked on him he had chosen 6 rare pokemon cards, and an average pokemon card, plus an offer of golbat in the game. golbat is average and was not accepted.

they're ok now. quietly reading. x put himself to bed at 730 and hasnt played any games since 430, but is reading a gaming magazine. e is reading tashi. every now and then they'll speak, and the other one will answer


  1. Anonymous9:49 pm

    wouldn't it be great to go back to an age where these were the most serious issues in our lives?! priceless...

  2. Anonymous1:18 am

    what a moving story with big feelings... I can relate to it (and I like pokemons too)