Sunday, March 13, 2011

part four

18. If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?

I’d like to go back and see things that I’ve been involved in, and watch them from an outsiders perspective. Maybe I remember things differently than they really happened. Or maybe I’ll appreciate things more if I see them from a different point of view.

19. Would you generally be overdressed or underdressed at a party?

Im generally carly-dressed, which means regardless of what im wearing, I don’t feel comfortable in it, and think I should have worn something else, so either of those choices would give me the same feeling

20. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, would you do so? Whom would you pick?

Do I get to be me again? Am I me, but inside someone else, or am I still that person, just with me inside, as if the body im in has two brains? I think zooey deschanel would be a pretty cool person to be

21. Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if it guaranteed immunity from all major diseases?


22. Have you ever returned an item to a store for a refund after having used it?

no. ive thought about it, but im much too lazy

23. If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?

I’d like to be able to read peoples minds and have the ability to plant thoughts in their head so that they do things, thinking that it was their idea in the first place. Invisibility would also be handy

24. What was the most recent movie that made you cry?

I can tell you the last time I cried.
An hour into my birthday I was sitting on the couch feeling fat and sad (this is my new favourite thing to do. Well. It’s the thing I do most, lately). Again, I was considering the fact that I will be alone forever. I got a text message that said :

It is your birthday. To celebrate I am picking up new car at lunchtime and driving you to the gig tonight. You will have to tell me if you are doing anything in the evening. Enjoy your few hours of sleep and remember there is ALWAYS someone who loves you

Then I cried

I cant remember what movie made me cry though

25. You can cast any actor (alive or not) to play you in a film about your life. Whom would you cast in the role?

Zooey? She’s pretty great. She doesn’t look like me though.

26. If you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be?

I would like to be every age for a week to re experience them all, and then I would decide the best one and be that one for a week again. It would be nice to be 7 or something, and not have any worries

27. If you could plan a trip anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
To the place where I am happiest


  1. Anonymous9:42 pm

    OK got it (question 1) - Elena Satine! there, did it :-)

  2. i just googled her - she seems a tad sexy...