Friday, March 11, 2011

part three

13. Would you be willing to commit perjury in court for a close friend? What if your lie would save his life?


14. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?

how big is the bowl? Would I get a portion of the money if I only ate a portion of the crickets?

15. Would you be willing to give up sex for five years if you could have wonderfully sensual and erotic dreams whenever you wished?

wonderfully sensual and erotic and satisfying? If satisfying, yes. If not it would just make it more frustrating, wouldn’t it?

16. If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment them for a day, whom would you choose, and how would you torment them?

oh. Um. I guess I would choose someone and something that would help make a difference. Like, picking on a bully til they wouldn’t bully anymore. Or making a politician watch same sex couples together until they realised that it actually wasn’t going to end the world after all.

Or I’d just feed a vegetarian meat

17. Do you feel that children should be sheltered from unhappiness?

not exactly. I think that children should be given as much love and happiness as they can get, but its important to learn how to deal with unhappiness. And if the way they deal with the death of a yabbie is by laying in bed and wailing ‘citizen sniiiips!’, then I guess that’s want you have to let them do

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  1. Anonymous5:00 pm

    great answers - thoughtful, sensitive, smart and funny :-)

    still sweating on question 1 but i'll get there....