Monday, April 28, 2008

guess how much i love the lucksmiths - much more...more than that...more than that

And it hurts even more than you thought
And the words get caught
And sad as you are, you’re glad of the wine you brought
And it hurts even more than you thought
And it feels like forever just now
But one day you’ll look back on this
As a hiccup in your happiness....

Are you ever coming clean?
Or will I never know the meaning
Of the lines you scribbled out
So that I couldn’t read between?
Are you ever coming home?
Or should I learn to do without you?

I know by now
That no-one cheers up when told to
That it’s more the arms that hold you
Than whatever words are said

And I try, and I try, and I try your patience
How low must your expectations be?
Goodness gracious me
Goodness gracious me

I’ve got nothing on today
Which is not to say I’m naked
I’m just sans plans
Maybe you could come over
God knows I’m going nowhere fast
Since you asked

Whenever you want
There’s a spot out the front of my place
The time it takes for you get from A to me...
I suppose we’ll just wait and see

And when I spoke to you
You said ‘I’ll see you soon’
But I won’t see you for ages
And your voice sounded so small
The loneliness of the long distance phone call

She’s OK occasionally
Not today, but wait and see

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