Sunday, April 20, 2008

just scraping the surface - currently thinking...

maybe, but i'd have to dose up first...and be thinner
is it possible that i even enter his mind for a second?
why cant i sleep, when sometimes there is nothing i can do but sleep?
i hope she's ok
i hope she's ok too
i wonder what they're dreaming about
i wonder if my car smells a lot like alcohol or a little like alcohol
it would be nice to know
i should and could do it for him, but who would help afterwards?
headaches are dumb and make me mad
if i knew i wouldnt wake them or get annoyed they're taking up so much room, i'd sleep there now
it'd be nice to know what he's thinking
it'd be nice to know what he's thinking
it'd be nice to know what he's thinking
its funny how the same thought applies to different people
i dont even know where she is
i dont even know where he is
i really should call optus
i really should hang that washing out
i really should be in bed without a headache
i feel like i did last time i spewed. that wasnt nice. taxi driver was helpful...kinda
really over how much my head and neck hurts
im going to try sleeping again


  1. Oh, riddles!

    Let's play a game called 'how well do I know Carly?' I read all of these seemingly unrelated thoughts, all obscured by omitting reference to names and situations, and I wonder whether I can pick exactly what she's talking about. I think I can get about half of them, but I might have the complete wrong idea.

    More seriously, I am very worried about point two. These are thoughts you should murder violently as soon as they appear.

    If you were interested in 'publishing' something like this, I'd be really interested in having some such thing on the website. But that's probably because I like these psychological guessing games.

  2. dont be worried by point two. its related to point one, and really all it does is highlight how crap i think i am while at the same time, how much i know i wont do anything at all like what ive said

    for instance, i am currently eating nutella out of the jar with a spoon