Saturday, September 09, 2006

it sucks that i feel the need to write this first, but here goes...

yeah this is a public place, and by putting my thoughts and feelings out there, as well as adding a comments feature, i am inviting your thoughts and feelings on what i have written, but can i please ask this time for none of the following:

no mention of the word 'fat' or anything meant to convey the idea that you believe i am fat

no teasing or snipey remarks about me or my weight

nothing derogatory about me

for the first time in a long fucking while i am actually feeling ok about myself and i really dont need any of you out there ruining it

alright, on to the actual post


yesterday i bought a pair of size 12 jeans

i honestly could not tell you the last time i bought size 12 pants

i bought size 12 jeans and i look fucking nice in them and if you would like to tell me so, i will be at the cranker tonight, wearing them, and feeling good.


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