Sunday, September 24, 2006

for my darlingsx and e, my beautiful, wonderful guys...
what i want most for you in your life is for you to be whatever you want to be. for you to feel free to choose whatever path you want, and end up where it takes you.

i want you to explore, to think, to question. to listen and learn and to switch off if you want to.
to read books in the nothing in the sunshine.

to feel sand, dirt, grass, gravel, mud, and magical crystal quartz beneath your feet.

to look to the sky and know there is a whole universe out there, waiting for you to explore it.

and know that wherever you decide to go, you will always be home in my heart.

i want you to grow to be kind and generous, patient and loving, courteous and giving.

i want you to know that sometimes its ok to be selfish. that sometimes you need to do what you want.
i want you to feel that you are strong enough to take on the world.

and that sometimes, its ok to just lay down and rest

i want you to dream, to make wishes, to tell stories, to draw and to sing and to dance.

i want you to run around in the rain and feel how special it is to be young

i want you to be happy

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