Thursday, June 22, 2006

it was only a matter of time

so, the truth fairy and andrew bolt got together and had a sweet little love child called amanda williams. how lovely.

*insert leave me alone, its my space to say what i want blah blah blah crap here*

but honestly, write what you like. i dont care what you think of me. you say im a...hang on, i have to look..oooh! you wish i would curl up and die! thats a bit harsh...let me find a nicer, ok.


yeah, you're right actually. i dont win an awful lot. but then again i dont often enter any competitions or have races with people so thats not exactly losing is it? its more like not participating. there you go, you non-participator!

but you amanda, no one could call you a non participator. why, you've come out of nowhere to call me names so well done, you're a winner in your books.

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