Sunday, June 04, 2006


i think i should make myself a little bit clearer in terms of my last post.

he's not my ex. he's been my boyfriend since september. we're going overseas in july.

last week i asked him if he still liked me as much. he sighed, paused....the pause turned into stalling....and he said 'i will still take you around france if we're just friends'


see, i think it might be ok. i think the walking around and showing me of things might take up the majority of the time, therefore there shouldnt be much time for sulking and sooking about people not liking people.
i also doubt i'll have another chance to go there. moneywise and timewise.

but i dont want to be stuck over there upset and wanting to go home, fighting and arguing, and thinking of all the things i could have been doing with the money i sent on a ticket.

i still have some time to decide...

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