Thursday, June 15, 2006


your best friend has a problem with your boyfriend. its really hard to explain, and he tries all the time, but it never comes out right. its gotten really bad too, hyperventillating when he's around, getting blood noses, panic attacks; its not good. but because he is your best friend, and really, he doesnt make up the rules of your life and he knows that, he doesnt ask you to break up with this guy. he just asks to be given a little warning if the bf is going to be there when he comes over, that sort of thing.
you say sure, thats fine, thats reasonable.
life happens.
then one night you're best friend is on his way to your place (he knows you're coming btw) to pick something up. when he gets there, your boyfriends car is parked out the front. this comes as a complete shock to your best friend and he starts to have a panic attack in the car. he calls you as he's speeding off and says he cant go in there, can you bring the things over to his place.
no, you say. you're doing him a favour by looking after the things, get back here and pick them up.
no, you dont understand, says the best friend. you cant, you just cant. you cannot physically bring yourself there.
there is an arguement with a lot of yelling.
the things get brought over, but its not over.
your best friend tells you he's never speaking to you again.


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