Thursday, June 06, 2002

well hi, thanks for visiting. i hope you can all fit since, as you can see from the title, this is a small room in a small house.
so the idea i was having was, i'm seeing this councellor, right, and she reckons i need to get out more. but, the car/kids/money situation kinda prevents that so i thought, what better way to socialise with millions of billions of people than the internet??......dress me in a 50's skirt and apron, and put me on a black and white tv commercial to get the full impact of that statement. so here i am, looking around.
here's what i see......a screen....aah, look further, perhaps turn around? good idea. well, im in my kitchen inwhich i've just taken part in a giant masacre of a rather large family of ants. i hate ants. along with bees and those annoying sticky flies, ants are my least favourite insects.
you don't really want to hear about my kitchen huh? well, what about my love life? or sex life? or lack there of? i actually have rather an interesting/confusing love and sex life. see, i've been with this guy.....Mr M, for almost 5 years. he's nice, i have two kids with him, Little X and Little E. they are cool....little monkey boys. they both look a lot like pixies or some other small forestlike creature. anyway, so i'm with Mr M, and lately....( lately being the last 4 or so years) i haven't really felt like being in anyway sexual with him. don't get me wrong, he's great. gives good oral. but i just dont want it. but hows this, i meet this rather sexy young boy named Mr D. mmmm, nice dreams i've been having with him. i even woke up one morning after having quite an intense dream about him, and i wanted sex. hmm, i dont think i put enough emphasis on that. I WANTED SEX!!! i was waaaay horny, bizzarre. i actually contemplated calling him and letting him know but he has a girlfriend so i doubt he'd come over.
and, on top of all this, i've just started an exciting and kinda naughty phone relationship with the luscious Miss H. mmmm, mmmmm, MMMMM. nice.
well, i reckon thats enough to keep you guys interested. if not, don't bother stopping by, if....( and the opposite to not is???) you want, please drop in again. i'll be sure to put the kettle on.

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