Friday, June 07, 2002

so last night we probably had what could be described as one of the worst nights of our relationship. i was achey, as usual, and asked Mr M to rub me...'only if i can play with your bum for 5 minutes'. i'm all for massage, and i was also willing to do stuff i didn't want to to get our relationship back on track. so this happened, he had sex with me, (which wasn't part of the deal, i may ad), i felt nothing, i cried, i told him i wanted to go, he cried, he went to sleep, i lay there thinking of places i could go, then i go to sleep.
and when i get up in the morning, there's no apology or anything like i was kinda expecting, there's just a message on the answering machine saying that he's full of bacon and eggs. yeah, full of something.
i think the luscious Miss H had the right idea....matching tattoos.....' we don't need boys'

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