Sunday, October 14, 2007

ssssh. spots

so, i've been a tad quiet of late. i cant exactly say i've been busy as i havent done all that much, but i havent had a lot of opportunities to blog.

since i last blogged, it has been school holidays. i had lots planned for the holidays. i got those newspapers for mums, adelaides child or something, and had a look what was going on. there was a bug thing, i think, at the museum. bugs or dinosaurs, whatever it was i thought 'my kids will love that!' and was all set to take them in and have a lovely day in the city. we had play dates organised. i was gonna take them to the movies. i just thought we'd have one day at home first, just a quiet monday at home, to start the holidays off slowly.

but thats not where it begins. it actually begins on the sunday night at my aunties house for a birthday bbq. we're having a lovely time. x has camped out on the couch with the boys of his age group and is frantically playing nintendo ds until i say its time to go home. e on the other hand, started the night out with the other boys, but has ended up stuck to my side for the majority of the night. 'im just tired', he says, 'i dont wanna go home, i just want to sit with you'.

and he is tired, i can see it. in his face, his eyes, his whole body is saying 'im tired, take me home'. they'd been camping that weekend, and i figured he was just worn out from a day of fishing and running around by the river.

oh, i was wrong, wrong, wrong

monday comes, they get up, they begin the reflattening of the lawn that had sprung back up during the week they werent here, by riding their bikes around and around and around on the track. we play some lego, we watch a dvd or two and by mid afternoon, e is pooped again. we have a snuggle on the couch, its dinner time, they go to bed with the promise of a movie the next day.

tuesday morning. we get up, breakfasted and dressed and find out that the movie starts at 3. thats fine, we have bikes to ride and houses to build, complete with gardens of peas, corn, carrot and chilli. we also need to watch the land before time. at 230 we head over to the cinema and the kids have a race on the motorbike game. e and i try and get a ratatouille from the skiltester, but we fail. we obviously have no skil. we win two lollies instead. its getting closer to 3 and e is starting to slow down. 'i dont feel well' he says. we decide to watch the movie anyway and if he wants to, he can sleep during it, but you never know, he may feel better once he gets in there.

but he doesnt. he lasts most of the film but has to sit on my lap for the last quarter or so. he's so small and compact. it scares me when he's sick.

we're walking back inside the house.
'this mozzie bite is really itchy', he says.
'mmm' i say, 'dont scratch it too much'
'so's this one. and this one'
uh oh
'show me your mozzie bites'
'here, here'
i turn him around, and point them out on his back 'and here, here and here?'
'sweetie, you've got chicken pox'

herein ends our school holiday adventures

no play dates, no museum, no kids disco with the promise of macdonalds afterwards, no extra hours for me to work on thursday.... and im waiting til morning so i can see if my prediction is true.... two more weeks at home when x wakes up all spotty

there has been an upside to all of this. e can now ride x's bike with no trainer wheels. he taught himself. i seem to have conveniently missed the back wheel in this photo, but here you go

last night, miffy, sharyn, ellyn and i all went to revolver. and had awesome fun, because we are team awesome.

please look at this photo.

firstly, ignore that all photos taken by miffys camera are upside down. secondly, ignore what its called, and thirdly, doesnt my arm look like a penis!
you kind of have to look quickly and look away. its totally penis like.

now for things that dont fit in with the rest of what ive written:

* james blunt is actually funny. i didnt know he was english, and when he started talking he scared me
* phone calls from lovely boys on the other side of the world are just wonderful, no matter what time of day or night
* hairspray is quite possibly the happiest movie of all time. i love pig!
* if i was the mother of a well spoken 6 year old girl who loved reading books, i would not let her borrow a cd from the rap/hip hop genre which had a sticker on the front warning of coarse language and adult themes
* i cannot wait for the librarians to start on the 31st. 'our country, our rules, ok?'. i'll be sad to see the end of summer heights high, but im looking forward to seeing what chris lilley does next
* i am very excited to announce that soon, i'll be a mummy again. more news to follow

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