Thursday, October 18, 2007

she's here!

today i became a new mummy again.

for years i've wanted a blythe doll. i cant remember exactly when i first wanted one, but im pretty certain it was on one of our trips to melbourne when we visited chapel bizarre. they were always well out of my price range, but this year i decided to treat myself. instead of putting all my tax return money into savings like i usually do, i bought myself flora dawn

her real name is prima dolly ginger, but i've had the name 'flora' floating around in my head for a few nights now since i've been reading shantaram . flora doesnt have anything more to do with the book, other than its the name of one of the apartment blocks he stays in for a while, but since i read it its been stuck there, and everytime i read it again, i think 'thats what she should be called'.

hopefully posts shouldnt be too blythe related from now on. i'll try and keep them to a minimum, tho im sure there'll be some happy people who will be pleased i have another topic to talk about

ps. happy ben kweller day, everyone!

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