Monday, October 29, 2007

oz idol

if you want an actual recap of tonights show, please go here and laugh your arse off

if you prefer to stay here, you can read messages tween me and kirsty, and me and miffy

*ricki lee*
kirsty: are you watching this shit?
me: sadly i am. im waiting for her vag to fall out of her dress and eat one of the acrobats
kirsty: oh that is beautiful imagery

damn, i missed the beginning of idol. u watching? what song did they do? haha. her dancers are dumb
me: dont think they've done the song yet. kirsty just msgd 'are you watching this shit' i answered with 'im waiting for her vag to fall out of her dress and eat an acrobat'
baha. her rack was ready. farkin hell, that shit was gold! gay.

*courtney murphy*
kirsty: did you think they were going to say he was dead?
me: wouldnt have surprised me. miffy msgd about ricki lee 'gay'
kirsty: she looked like a retarded feather duster, she was all the wrong shape

me: did you see that sign? it said 'i wish matt was 3 years older' best.sign.ever.
miffy: corby digs womens fashion. i love the jackets carl wears, they're spunk. tarasai is an angry bratz doll. i didnt see the sign. damn

me: marty totally moves like agro. i think i have a crush on carl
kirsty: awwwwwww he is cute

*telstra phones and the first in the bottom (hehehe, the first in the bottom)*
kirsty: i would never endorse that shit if i was on idol
me: oh, its such good quality, how quick is the download. dumbasses. sux to be tarasai, mwahahaha. i like marty

miffy: i enjoyed how he said 'and mark pointed at you and yelled 'touchdown'. i giggled. yum, dulux jelly beans are back, and we're painting! yay!

miffy: its my two votes that did it. clearly. bye bye tarasai
me: oh i hope so. i quite like natalie

*kevin rudds election promises*
kirsty: you really think he's going to ratify kyoto?
me: when he says ratify, all i can think of is the simpsons. but it sounds good kirsty: yeah, i dunno if he's trustworthy tho

*tarasai leaves*
me: fucking awesome
kirsty: fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: fucking awesome
miffy: she really does look like a bratz doll

me: i taught a crocodile on animal crossing to say 'tarasai sucks!'
miffy: haha, pure gold. i've laughed heaps today

kirsty: god make her shut up
me: god would be the one who could do it

while we're on the topic of bratz, mum, look at this

that is a baby bratz. its wearing a g string. explain to me how thats not slutty

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