Monday, June 04, 2007

for the next two weeks im supposed to plot my thinking patterns in a diary. this includes stating what i am doing, what im thinking, and a rating out of ten of how im feeling

10 means a smiley happy face. 0 means a sad face.

these were drawn for me, just incase i didnt understand.

its ok, i know how silly and misunderstanding us crazies can be.

except im not seeing this one cos of my crazies. apparently i need to change my way of thinking. i need to lose the 'shoulds' and find some 'cans'. im not sure how i'm going to do this. i've been thinking the same way for a long time now and its going to be difficult to change it.

there are so many ways that i could think

i think too much from a stand back and look perspective. this is good sometimes, but it also means im taking in too much from outside, trying to consider everyone whos involved
if i think with my head, i step too much into the perspective stance
and if i think with my heart, id end up in france

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