Wednesday, June 20, 2007


you would have noticed, if you are the astute observer, that my comments have gone. acording to my bright orange friend,
Enetation is currently offline for a short while - no user accounts or user sites are affected by this. Error 2
im hoping this means everything will be back to normal after this short while.

kirsty and i went to the zoo yesterday. if was fun. and zooey.

here is a photo kirsty took of me feeding a kangaroo. you should look at the rest of her photos because they are ace. unlike my photos, which are kind of ace, just not as close up as hers since i dont have super duper pervo lense. i think i should invest in one of those.

my hair was that colour yesterday. today i dyed it another colour but its still wet so i cant tell you what its gonna look like. chances are there will be photos from this weekend when i go out with miffy, so you can see after that. until then, comments; if you need to contact me for any reason, there is an email button over there. at least, im pretty sure its still over there. hold on one second....yep, it says 'email me'. otherwise, you can wait til the comments are fixed. or you can just continue to look and not write.

im going to bed now. its too cold

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