Tuesday, March 13, 2007

things that have made me laugh today

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Overheard at the aquarium: "The amazing thing about otters is how waterproof they are."
defective yeti - matthew baldwin (i <3 mb)


Cetaphil looks and feels like semen.

The two have an identical consistency, all milky and viscous. And every time I’m washing my face, rubbing it across my cheeks, my eyes closed, I feel like I’m doing something very inappropriate.


Also in answer to the question someone wrote about the difference between Emos and Goths:

1.Goth music is slightly better than Emo music. But both are still pretty shit. With the exception of The Cure and Panic At The Disco.

2. An old emo male is usually just trying to root young emo girls whereas an old goth is just plain sad. Sad as in loser.

3. Fat people are allowed to be goths. I dont know if emos accept fatties as openly. I should research that.

4. Emos are more closely related to Emus.

5. And finally the most important difference is that emos hair is straight and covers their faces but goths hair is fluffy and flouncy and sticks straight up in the air. Oh and goths wear more frilly shit...

I hope that has straightened things out for ya.

matt banham


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