Monday, March 19, 2007

advertising and my children

they say kids are like sponges, sucking up everything around them. x is most definately an advertising sponge. perhaps i should call him v, soaking up more than the other paper towels/children.

last night, i recieved a message on my mobile. for those of you not in the know, my message tone is the 'bambam!' from law and order. its quite loud, and its especially loud at 930 at night when the only other noise in the house is the humming of my ridiculously pathetic computer (so pathetic, it has to hum as it doesnt know the words! i should have my own fringe show. me = hilarious)

so, last night

my phone - bambam
x - mum, that was really loud and it scared me. you should get a message alert tone that only adults and teachers can hear. good night

another gem from the mouth of my eldest; i sent him to bed a whole 10 minutes early for being a rude snarling monster. i was not expecting this when i gave birth to him. i was expecting a nice boy. i expect that sort of behaviour from a teenager. or a girl. he is neither of these.
when i went in to say goodnight to him, i leant down and kissed him.
'goodnight'. i said.
he mumbled something.
'sorry sweetie, i didnt quite catch that. what did you say?'
and with a hatred and intencity that only a teenager could muster, i got 'everytime i said i loved you, it was a lie!'

oh how i laughed


and exclaimed, you are hilarious! goodnight!

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