Thursday, March 08, 2007

dear channel seven, via your yahoo page,

i would like to contact channel seven but when i try to get to the site it takes me to the yahoo site.
as i've already asked my question to this yahoo site, i would really like to put it to the actual seven site.
perhaps you could forward this on for me?

every tuesday night i have to wait for darryl sommers to shut his stupid face so i can watch all saints. i understand that dancing with the stars is a big show for seven, so i get why its still on (although i dont think i'll ever understand darryl sommers), but if channel seven even glanced at the all saints message boards or comment boxes on its yahoo site, it would see that everyone complains about all saints being pushed later and later into the night to accomodate this idiot.
every week he apologises on air to all saints fans for going over time. here's an idea, instead of apologising, use that time to finish your show.
could you change the night? start dwts earlier? do something so we dont have to put up with him anymore?
all saints has been going for a long time now, and im sure that a lot of the fans of dwts would love to stay up and watch it, but its starting later and later. with jobs and kids, its hard to stay up every week.
come on channel seven, would you listen to us? please?

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