Tuesday, January 10, 2006

that i just cant hide it (nono no no noooo)

its almost done. according to baz theres only half an episode to go and we could be on our way to international multimillionair stardom!* and our own library full of hot guys and girls putting the books away
im looking forward to working in a massive cool house, kissing ben, yelling at kirsty, but the main thing i'm looking forward to, the thing im the most excited about, is just doing some acting again.
i cant believe i havent done anything since equus. its been almost a year. i've had the opportunity too, thats the worst part. i could be doing 'cloud nine' right now, or 'lets have sex'. grrr

hurry up kirsty

ok, im off to look for auditions, just writing this post has pissed me off

*channel 31

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