Wednesday, January 25, 2006

benember the trocodile

since its quarter to five in the morning, i thought it wise to regale you with some words

golf plugs

that said, these words may not mean anything to you, but to eli, they make perfect sense.
about half way through last term, eli and the other four and a half year olds had their check ups at kindy from child and youth health. the put an eye patch on them and tested their vision, weighed and measured them, and tested their hearing with a game where they got to wear headphones and put a block in a cup each time they heard the beep

eli failed the beep

well, thats not entirely true. his results were inconsistent. that could mean that by the time the hearing test came along, he just wanted to go out and play with his mates and couldnt be bothered listening for a beep. or it could mean that he didnt quite understand what he was supposed to be doing

or it could mean that he was sorta kinda deaf

ok, he's not deaf. he's obviously hearing something because he's speaking most words correctly and you can hold a conversation with him sometimes when he's functioning on the same planet as you are. but theres a chance that something in his hearing is not quite working the way it should be, so in a couple of weeks he'll be visiting a child hearing specialist and we're getting it checked out properly.

in the meantime, if he meeds to talk about how nestergay, the trocodiles meeded to benember to take their golf plugs, then thats fine with me

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