Tuesday, December 07, 2010

you sure can pick em!

we go to melbourne a lot, because bands dont come here, and this time we went for the lemonheads

apart from the scary lesbians assaulting us, and evan stopping three songs from the end and just walking off stage, it was pretty great. and it was really nice to hang out with larissa and alister too

sleep and then shopping followed, though not that much for me, and even then i spent more money on x and e.

hello cider! friday night was full of cider and dancing, and it was awesome. i got to meet justine, and prove once again that my choice in men is very. very. bad.

more sleep, and more food, and then more sleep. then we went out for gelati. lack of actual sleep+possible heat stroke= i'll bridge your road! i'll spread your eagle! i'll sit on that

and then it was tea time and home time

now its time to plan the next one

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