Friday, December 31, 2010

working with kids

(there is a girl, around 4 years old, with very obvious snot issues)

me: would you like a tissue, sweetheart?
girl: yes please. i have allergies
me: oh dear, well, here you go
girl: i have allergies. you know what allergies i got? im allergic to bees and peanuts
me: really? well, better be careful
girl: and do you know what happened to me when i came out my mummys tummy?
me: no, i dont
girl: i did hurt my kidneys
me: dear me, are you ok now?
girl: yeah, im ok now but, do you know whats wrong with my bagina?, i dont
girl: sometimes its itchy
me: yeah, that happens. its unfortunate, but it happens
girl: ok bye

see you next year

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