Thursday, October 22, 2009

apparently i'm missed

yeah. i havent been blogging, i know. sorry. to be honest, i didnt think anyone read this anyway, and it was just a page i used to keep all the sites i like to look at on one place. but thank you, if you do check back some times, for thinking of me

melbourne was great.

the end

no, not really, but the pictures pretty much cover it

as you can see, there was driving, sleeping, bike riding, hat wearing, grammar/spelling correction, dolls, more driving, and more sleeping, but in a little more detail -

it was a very long drive. 7 people in an 8 seater tarago. 7 peoples bags, instruments and sexual innuendo.... so it was fun :) plus we made mixed cds which were super great.

after driving all day, we went straight to the venue which was awesome. gertrudes brown couch. you should go there. and we played with some amazing bands

owls of the swamp, and the tequila mockingbirds

listen to them, see them if they play, become their friends, they're lovely. hopefully they'll be coming to adelaide for next years format festival, so you should definitely listen out for that. hopefully humble bee and cheer advisory council will play too, and it;ll be a like a big reunion, aaaw.

so, friday night involved playing, pizza and panadol, then sleep. and saturday was all about awesome breakfast and garage sales. places like northcote make me wish i lived in melbourne sometimes. but i'd always miss adelaide.

saturday afternoon, humble bee played at idgaff with charles baby. he's a very sweet person, pays wonderfully, and sings beautifully. you should check him out too. possibly at format.

so, we played to a handful of people, the majority of whom were my band, and then we went out for ethiopian food. hell yeah. tasty as. after that we ended up at the old bar, i think? to see more bands. i was told by two male members of my band that the beer garden was full of hot young things. i didnt look out there, so i cannot comment. i can say that the 'things' i saw, were all aged around 13 and must have had fake IDs. before we even walked in, i heard on of the funniest things from the trip

bouncer: this you?
girl: yeah, i cut my hair
bouncer: lost a bit of weight too!

i know! who knew dogs could talk?!?!

saturday night was also where the grammar/spelling correction occurred.

sunday was driving. driving driving driving. very slow driving at first, since the marathon made it so that it took an hour to cross the city, but we eventually made it

we stopped in a town, somewhere, for lunch, and discovered that everyone in our band has a secret idea to open a cafe/gig venue/ art gallery/ thing. cheer advisory cafe, here we come! we also stoppped for free tea and coffee where ben proclaimed 'fuck it! im buying the lesbian book'. another highlight, especially for the grandmas running the shop

sunday night, we were still driving, i picked up adam, came home, kissed my kids and fell asleep. mmmmmm, my own bed

the following weekend, the council played the adelaide cd launch. you can listen to the songs at teh myspace, and buy a cd from us for$5. $5! you'd be crazy not to. we played with the british robots and the honey pies who are spectacularly awesome and amazing and it was a really fun, wonderful night, for many reasons.i had good talks with lots of people i dont really talk to, other than 'hey, how're you doing', and the entire band received a marriage proposal. cant ask for more than that

we played at the exeter friday night. i drank two shandys. it was a good night

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  1. Anonymous12:26 pm

    wow - when you give you really give! your blog makes work much more bearable :-) sounds like life is really good these days in lfg-land, keep it up!