Sunday, March 29, 2009


its not nice. and its not nice when you collect almost 2 litres of it in front of your face. but i guess its better than it sitting inside you and making you feel even sicker.
one, two or three of us have been sick since last thursday. its not been the nicest of experiences. so far today, no one has vomited and i only had a brief headachey time this morning. perhaps we're on the mend? i hope so

played another gig since the last time i posted. friday night at the metro

i think we played ok. shame everyone went home tho. shame also that i spewed the rest of the night. my goodness the keepsakes are amazing. love love love them. i really hope to play with them again soon, and be better than we were.

adam comes home this week. yay :) he hasnt really been away all that long this time, so i think both of us have coped pretty well. i think when he goes next time is going to be harder. we've been looking at houses, and have found an awesome one if anyone would like to help. we need 4 or more bedrooms, close to port noarlunga, and i've come across this one. problem being that my friends currently rent it and they'd have to move out for us to live in it. dilemma. with two grown ups and a minimum of 4 kids, its gonna be tricky.

my ear still hurts. i am currently of the opinion that there is some sort of animal living in there. my other opinion is that it should get the fuck out, cos its hurting.

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