Thursday, March 12, 2009

its been a while since my last proper post. im not sure if i've really been busy or not, or whether im maybe just living instead of surviving in my room.
i've hardly been on the computer at all, except to look at houses (anyone wanting to give away $400000, please see me) and occasionally check my email.

instead, what i've been doing is hanging out with adam, hanging out with the kids, rearranging my linen cupboard, keeping up with the dishes, eating fruit, playing gigs at the format festival in the fringe, going to band practice, riding bikes,searching for the golden aple, kicking arse on peggle, having a birthday and being completely spoilt in the presents department

humble bee have a proper website now that will be added to more and more

cheer advisory council are gonna be really busy playing heaps of shows

also, anyone who is good with family law, contacting me would be nice too. i have some questions

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