Tuesday, December 02, 2008

see how far you've come

i found a list in a notebook. i think its from when i was swapping meds and had about 2 months off work. that was early last year, i think, possibly earlier than that

what i want to do

i want to have a tidy house
- boys and i are sorting toy room
- i will fold clothes on the table

this is a start

work out what makes me happy:
loved walking around on sunday, shopping with friends.
can i get a job, part time, in an industry i am interested in: music/acting, 3/4 days a week. something i can be proud of being involved in

do i want to go to uni? tafe? just do a course - wea?
what would i study?

where do i want to be?

now: i should be out of bed, at least laying in the lounge with kids

in a week: again, out of bed and accomplishing something

in a month: working a job that i like OR still focusing on doing things for me until getting up and doing something becomes a habit

3 months: splendor in the grass, do NOT go with rob.
aim to have saved $1000

6 months: in at least 3 times a week email contact with tom. back to normal discussion. going to see him? do i still love him? (right now? yes)

1 year: tidy house by habit not force
not to have increased meds. 1 up acceptable
not to have slept with someone who doesnt care about me
discuss future with tom. do i really love him, or do i just miss his company?
be friends with matt


how have a gone with these goals?

ba bow

(that is the sound of someone failing)

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