Wednesday, October 15, 2008

choice cuts from letters to many

im really disappointed in myself
i keep falling for the same tricks again and again
i believed you, the first time
i was a bit sad, because i liked you, but i was glad you told me the truth and didnt hurt me more than you had to
i liked you, but i knew where i stood
but then you had to go and say all those things
nasty lies
you cant sit there and tell me im beautiful, that you want me to be your girlfriend, when its all lies
how can you possibly be that mean?
i dont understand
the same could have happened without those words
we would be in the same position as we are now, without you having told all those lies
it was totally avoidable
i had a bad feeling about you from the start, remember?
you said all the right things and it made me wary because i'd been there before and been hurt
i should have stayed away
but as much as i could see the bad in you, i am stupid and naive enough to want to see the good, and thats what i held on to
part of me still wants to believe that
that you're good
that maybe you're just scared, and thats why you've gone away

you said it'd be ok
you said i was beautiful
that you wouldnt go away

send me missing messages to make me smile
keep it going, keep it up
for a little while

lie to me
come back and lie to me
i'll fall for it again, for sure

lie to me

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