Tuesday, September 02, 2008

i was bored today, and thinking about what i like doing, in case i felt like doing any of the things i came up with. except that what i like doing is sleeping, reading, and kissing. i guess in that respect i can look at my day and say i did most of the things i like doing, except that i would have liked to do the last one, had i had a willing participant. but im bored. fat and bored. every night i go to bed thinking about how tomorrow i'll eat healthy and exercise and get fitter and healthier, and every day i laze around eating shit food and making myself more and more miserable.

i worked out today that i basically live on variations of bread and water. toast in various forms (regular toast, toastie toasties, grilled cheese toast, fruit toast, muffins) and water (plain water, cups of tea). apart from the water, this isnt the slightest bit healthy.

if there was a way i could sleep and wake up thinner, happier and healthier, i'd take it.

if there was a plane at the end of my driveway, going to dublin, i'd take that too.

feburary is very cheap to fly away. specifically to dublin.

i wont go though. i'll sit here in suburban adelaide and be sad and alone for the rest of my life

what a happy thought

im going to bed

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