Sunday, July 15, 2007

sucks to be you

last night i managed to get so drunk that i could not feel my extremities. this included my mouth. somehow i still managed to talk talk talk and everything was rosy

until a girl comes up to me and says 'is this your bag?'
some girl just took a handful of stuff out of your wallet. that girl!
(to "that girl") she just told me you stole my wallet, and i'd like it back
i dont have it
i dont care that you did it, just give it back and i wont say anything
i dont have it
it has photos of my kids in it, give it back
i dont even have my bag. someone must have taken it. (walks off)

the other girl followed her and had a go at her and came back to me saying she definately saw her take a handful of stuff out of it and stick it down her top. so, i went and told the security guard who didnt care, came back inside and told ian who made a community service announcement, and then, found my wallet on the ground. it was after i looked inside i remembered that i'd taken all my money out previously and put it into a smaller change purse, along with my important cards. all that was left in the notes part of my purse was dockets

oh no! please! i need my fuel vouchers and shopper dockets! how will i ever get my free coffee and $4.50 meals at the lonsdale??

sucks to be you, stupid girl

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