Sunday, July 01, 2007

marginally better

in the last couple of days things have been a little better. this may have something to do with the amount of scrubs and that 70's show that im watching, i dont know.
i'm sleeping more - not better, but more, and i auditioned for a short film. i wont get the part, but that's ok. the people i read with said they really liked me, and they'll both be doing other films in the near future so maybe they'll give me a call? you never know.
ben's gone, so i dont have anyone i can message with my woes anymore. he's off on the other side of the world being all clever and worldly, while im stuck in adelaide, wishing i was in viry-chatillon.
also, im addicted to peggle. so much so that i bought it so i could play the whole thing and become a peggle master. which i am. i am now up to the extra hard challenges but im getting through those pretty quick. soon, hope to become a master peggle master*

*i dont know if this is the official name

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