Monday, February 26, 2007

week into weekend

on monday i spent a funfilled afternoon at the residential tenancies tribunal. that was exciting. outcome is pending.

tuesday i hopped a plane to the gold coast and road a monorail in the sun. i took a photo of a giant turtle and some ibi (plural of ibis), and watched all saints.
wednesday i walked in a rainforest and saw skinks in sizes ranging from 2 centimetres to 2 feet. i wandered around in a room full of cuckoo clocks. i paid $2 for 15 minutes of internets. i called tom. i miss him.
thursday i watched my brother get married in a park on the beach. i babysat a beautiful baby. i made a new friend. i couldnt escape my dads girlfriend. i stayed up til 130 talking about everything with my cousin.
friday i flew home on the same airplane as my dad.
i still managed to speak less than 10 words to him and not look directly at him.

friday night, saturday night, sunday and sunday night - its nice to hold someone, and have someone hold you

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