Sunday, February 18, 2007


last night and the night before, i got to hear part of the goodbye concert for candle records (thankyou rob).
i really wish i could have gone, but hearing dazz and the lucksmiths was pretty darn great.

i also had an awesome time at jam last night. morgyn is my new favourite dancing partner and one day we shall be famous through interpretive dance. we already have moves to 'get back', the fan dance, and we can dance like peacocks and tigers. last night the jade monkey, tomorrow the world.
miffy is freaking hilarious and pebs gives the best hugs and i wouldnt give them up for the world.
sitting and talking with brett, and getting hugs again was a major relief and something that definately made me smile.
seeing peter at sharyns 30th was nice. him remembering i always wanted to be a librarian was the loveliest thing thats happened to me in a long time.
nicko was still upset for me, and hoping i was ok after the following incident. thankyou nicko.
now on to the bad

on friday night a guy grabbed my boob inside my bra and yanked it. fucker. over a glow stick

a glow stick


it was stupidly hot

it was skanks ahoy

i had no lift home

i was turned down when asked if i could stay somewhere


saturday came and it was hot again. i spoke to the boys and they were swimming all day. i want to be swimming

saturday night started off really cool. dancing with miffy, morgz and ellyn on stage at the jade was brilliant. whatever song it was about half way through the night, when we all stopped and then started dancing again exactly the same, that was my favourite part.

and then the end...if the night could have finished with the champagne circle of supernova love, it would have been grand, but it didnt. and there was yelling and throwing and punching and people saying things they shouldnt to people they shouldnt.

im hoping everything is ok now

soon, morgz and i will doo doo dodododoodo doo doo dooooo doo in our clown car over to colonnades and have a fabulous time together :P
hello adelaide just got hello-ier

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