Monday, April 05, 2004

what happened on saturday night

on saturday night, i was feeling very sick. i went to work at the theatre anyway, and did a fine job, if i may say so myself. danni mullins grandpa is very nice and reminds me of bud tingwell. i'm sure her grandma is nice too. its just a shame about the rest of her family.

i was selling cds at onkaparinga youth star. yay to all the OPUSites that were in it. and yay to megan for winning, i voted for you.

i really wasnt feeling well at all, so i went straight home and straight to bed with a cup of tea.

at around 12:30 i was woken up by loud knocking/thumping on my front door. i didnt want to answer it. i was home alone. matt had gone to a bucks night and wasnt expected home for hours, if at all, and the kids were sleeping at my mums.

i waited.

the thumping started again. louder and longer.

i looked out the window and couldnt see a car. the front light was on but i couldnt see who was standing on the porch. i heard the screen door close and i went back to bed. until i heard the side gate rattling, daisy still barking after all this time. whoever it was was persistent and not put off by the barking.

i snuck into the kitchen and looked through the window.

there was a man in my back yard.

daisy was still barking, i saw the man bend down and then daisy stopped.

i went to call matt, but in the dark i couldnt see the numbers properly, and i figured that he wouldnt hear his phone over the noise at the pub anyway. so i did what i thought he would say to do, i called the police.

the lady was really nice. my voice was shaking from being scared and cold. she said she'd stay on the line until the police had come, but i needed to get dressed so i could open the door. as i walked down the hallway i kicked the lounge. i was hoping the man wouldnt hear the noise and come to the back door. i got dressed in the dark, incase he saw the light. i couldnt see him anymore, i didnt know where he was.

i got dressed, and stood by the front door. when i saw the car lights, i peeked out the window and saw that the police had arrived. the lady came to the door to see if i was ok, the man went to the gate, torch in hand, to investigate.

'theres a guy laying out the back on the ground, says he lives here'

i walked around the corner to see someone staggering around the backyard.

'name please?' said the police man

'matt johnson'

'this him?' said the policeman

'yes,' i growled

but thats not where it ends.

'matt're not in a band are you?' asks the police man

matt tries to stand still and not wobble all over the place, 'yes he is', i answer.

'you dont know ross mcinnes do you?'

'...fucking hell....' says matt, head in hands

'im his brother in law, im married to his sister,' says the police man, 'you ok now?' he says to me.

'yes', i say, still growly at matt for making me so scared, and we go inside.

'i cant believe you called the police on me.....' begins the rather short conversation before he succumbs to his drunkenness and falls asleep, not before making me promise never to tell anyone what had happened.

in the morning, before he even gets out of bed, he calls marc and fills him in on everything. apparently the story was a lot funnier after sleeping all night.

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