Tuesday, April 27, 2004

busy busy busy

so busy. lots of stuff been going on lately.

on the 17th i went to the best wedding i've ever been to. i used to work with a girl called renata when i worked at bunnings. she's great. when bunnings moved to the warehouse i quit to have x and everyone else moved over there. a new guy came to work there called brendan and the rest, as they say, is history.

so renata and brendan got married at the tantanoola cave gardens. it was so beautiful. brendans sons, harry and jye walked up the path with them and they all held hands as renata and brendan got married. the boys were asked if they were happy for their dad to marry renata, they said yes, so it happened. simple as that.
at the reception personwhosnameimustnevermention and i sat with chad, who i used to work with as well. it was cool to see him again. he's been in china for years now and we dont get to see him at all.

the drive to tantanoola takes about 5 hours. it was a nice drive. we ate bacon and egg rolls. they were ok. not as good as other ones ive had, but still nice.

on the 24th we went to tim and kelly's wedding. that was really pretty too but a bit too churchy for my liking. there was this massive eagle sculpture in the church. i reckon i would have been pretty scared if i had to come and sit in front of that every sunday as a kid.

the food was so nice at the reception. i was full, a fat happy little girl, but i kept eating cos it was yummy. the MC for the night used to play fatcat on tv years ago. that was pretty funny.

so this week i have rehearsals almost every night. it started on sunday, 3 till 9, then yesterday 10am till 11pm, tonight from 6 then our first performance on thursday night.
you'd all better come and see this. its pretty fucking spectacular if i do say so myself

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