Tuesday, April 10, 2012

so, they gave the house to someone else.

oh... were you moving?

yeah, well, kind of

this house is too small. its fine for one. one plus 3. and even kind of fine for one plus three plus 2. but one plus three plus 2 plus one plus one... its just getting a bit too much.

i'll leave you to decipher that maths, or you can wait. the answers are coming

so, we found a house. as big as we need. close to the school that we need. affordablish, but really, we're going to have to pay more. we were accepted, and given a move in date. we said ' great! we'll call you on tuesday!', that weekend being easter. we called. they gave it to someone else

the problem was it was happening now. i dont know how to handle now. so far im coping my staying in bed. i know this is not the correct coping mechanism, but its the only one i have.

i need it to happen in about october, so i have time to settle before next year. now, with a now answer was too hard, and because of that we missed out. because its too hard.

i should have just said yes. 


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