Thursday, May 26, 2011

the story of kailey

ive been thinking about a dog for a long time. when voldehmort and i broke up, i had to leave my dog with him. finding a rental property as a 'single mum with a dorda...'... oops, i mean, single parent with a part time job was proving hard enough.

i found a place, and i got my cats, but i kept thinking about a dog

ive been looking on heaps of sites, sa dog rescue, adopt a pet, pet rescue, moorook and the trading post and gumtree. i even met a couple of puppies

who were lovely in real life, but not really what i was looking for.

and then i found kailey

but she was so far away. almost 7 hours round trip. but i emailed anyway, to see what we could do

as it happened, the owner of moorook, where kailey was, was driving down to adelaide that weekend, and if i could get to prospect, i could pick her up. the timing was a little off, but i said yes, and i put the kids in the car and we drove off for our surprise trip. neither if them knew what was going on. they were guessing things like bowling, laser skirmish, the airport...nope, thats not it.

as we drove up to the house, x saw the van out the front.

x '...animal shelter...'

we got out of the car, and were introduced to kailey. i loved her, e loved her,

e 'oh mum, thank you so much, i love her i love her, shes JUST SO CUTE, you are the BEST mum ever!'

but x... not so much. he sat in the car, head in his hands, and didnt say much.

it was time to take her home and we put her on the car seat inbewteen the boys. kailey tried snuggling up with x but he just stared out the window, eyes rimmed red, trying not to cry

me 'are you a bit overwhelmed?'
x 'no'
me 'are you upset?'
x 'no'
me 'whats wrong then?
x 'well, we dont need a dog, do we?'
me 'no, i dont suppose we do. but i wanted one, and i thought you guys would like it, so happy birthday'

it got worse. he didnt want to stay with her overnight and rang grandma to see if he could sleep over

but, she's here to stay now, and the boys love her. ive been getting up every morning and ive even taken her for walks. its a good start

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