Sunday, October 10, 2010

ugh. i dont know. i could let you know what ive been doing, but a lot of my days have listed showering as an accomplishment. then there are some days when i actually do accomplish things, like hanging out with x on the film set all day, taking the kids to the playground with friends, taking them on the train to the city and going to the museum and art gallery. these days are good, especially when we are commended on the behaviour of our children ( cos they're rad)

big boys

but then im leaving work early because i just cant handle it. im spending entire days in bed. im finding my medication on the lounge room floor, in the hallway, in my bed, because ive just plum forgotten to take it.

and then there's today. it took me til 2 oclock to get over dinner and a movie with the kids and voldemorts parents, but since then ive entirely tidied the lounge and entry, done a load of washing, and a load of dishes, and taken the recycling out. they kids are playing out the front with the kids across the road, and i already know what im gonna do for tea.

i can see these things that i do. and i can see the things that i dont do. mostly i see them while sitting in the shadows of things i cant do

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