Thursday, December 24, 2009

not even kidding

just went out the back to nibble on the carrot e left for the reindeer, and its gone


and when i came back to my computer after the kids had been on it earlier, e had googled 'is e on the nice list?' fucking love that kid. shame i cant take photos of him, or the other lovely wide awake fellow, since my camera doesnt work :(

now i have to go make a cup of tea for father christmas to drink. people who do a tough job like delivering presents to every single house in the world deserve a cup of tea, apparently. and apparently he does it street by street with some sort of rocket launcher, not alphabetically, as this wouldnt be very good time management. he also employs some parents to to the gift delivering for him, by calling them on the phone to ask them

not everyone gets presents tho. stupid cats are on the naughty list this year for all the starlings and pigeons they've eaten, and for the fact that i'll no doubt have to take banjo to emergency some time over the next couple of days due to the fact that she has one eye closed and some sort of puncture wound in her leg, and squeaky meows when i pick her up. naughty list, indeed!

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