Thursday, August 06, 2009

what you have to remember, and i need to constantly remind myself of this, is that people are idiots.

im generally grumpy today, so i feel quite at home in this thread. my head hurts. apparently i have sinusitis and my face hurts. my neck/shoulders/back/arms/even my hands hurt. my computer wont burn any cds and i need them by friday, especially be next friday for the lucksmiths show which i am so nervous about because i cant sing and have clearly gotten myself into something that i cant do. i can feel a pimple coming where my nose joins on to my face, you know that part? and its hurts and it feels like its going to be huge which is just what i need when im gonna be standing in front of 400 people singing badly and looking fat. i want to sew, but i dont know how. i want to clean my house but i cbf. i want to be a good mum and spend time with my kids but all i want to do is lay down and read. im reading the bell jar. again. not the best book to be reading when feeling like this, i realise that, but that brings me back to my first point which is - people are idiots, myself included

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