Saturday, February 14, 2009


miffy and i went to melbourne a couple of weeks ago to see the swell season. it was hot and awesome

this is us on the shuttle bus from the airport to the hostel

i told you it was us, just in case you didnt recognise us. i know how much we look like celebrities incognito with our big hats and sunglasses

the first thing we did after dropping off our bags was go to the beach

as neither of us packed swimming costumes, this was as far as we got

we wandered around st kilda, where we were staying, and found the palais theatre, where the swell season would be playing the following night

and also luna park, which lives next door

people were lining up out the front cos it still wasnt open yet. they all stood with their fingers through the wire gates, gazing in.

we caught up with ben and maddy in a cafe called borsch, vodka and tears

the restaurant was lovely, and miffy and i ate yummy rice and camembert balls and dip which were divine. we also caught up with hannah, drank lots of coffee, and found a babushka shop

on the thursday, miffy and i went to the aquarium, which was expensive and not very big, but, it had penguins!

cute turtle

do you hear that princess? its the shrieking eels! i almost had to punch a little girl to get in there

cow fish

jelly fish

miffy, gazing at her lover, the sting ray

by far the most amazing part of our trip was the wednesday night, at the palais theatre

the seats

the ceiling

us waiting patiently and excitedly

the swell season

me meeting glen hansard, who loves my hair

me and miffy and glen

my favourite photo of miffy, possibly ever

me and miffy running down the street after meeting glen, giggling like the little girls we are

it was hot and we were sleepy and i think, quite ready to go home after three days on the east coast, but it was a lovely holiday, and we should do it again sometime. glen, you're invited too

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