Monday, July 14, 2008

i loved my first car. a mist green, morris 1300 nomad. awesome. we sold it years ago, and then i saw it at the local car yard a while ago. a really wanted to buy it. but i didnt.

x and i quite often talk about it, but he has different memories. he swears black and blue that i had a v dub, not a morris.

so today when we were driving to miffys and i saw my old car, i was stoked.

me: look xans! thats my old car! like, *my* old car
x: (no response, not even looking)
me: not just a car that looks the same as mine, but my exact car. the one i owned. see? its not a bug, look.
x: yeah, well
me: yeah well nothing, thats my car. exact car. exact exact car, as in the one i owned and drove around.
x: yeah well! theres a guy in the goodies who looks exactly exactly exactly like dad, but its not him, is it!

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