Monday, May 07, 2007

copied straight from a spazmail

so guess what just happened at my house. my cats wear bells around their necks, and i could tell from the tinkling that there wasnt normal cat behaviour going on so i went to investigate. (because i am clearly some sort of brilliant detective)
a picture that i had leaning against the wall had fallen over, and clancy was near it. i figured that must have been the problem, but she was just sitting there, looking at the wall. hmm. thats odd. i pick up the picture and look under the table for dead/dying rats as is sometimes the case when i have a cat who wont move under the kitchen table, but no, no rats.
i put the kettle on, turn back around and realise shes not looking at the wall, she's quite intent on the guitar case i have there. so i wander over there, all casual like, and gently move the guitar case away from the wall a little. and lo and behold, theres a nice big rat hiding behind it. lovely. so away it scampers, past clancy, behind the curtains and picture, into the laundry, and i see it flatten itself to virtually nothing and squeeze under the back door.
not only did i have a rat in my house, it also knew the way out.

clancy is stupid and is still looking at the guitar case

i dont particularly want a rat in my kitchen

and you know what? my kitchen is actually clean. it must be the rain that has forced the poor fat ratty into my house. i cant think of any other reason.

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